Update from Kenya

18 jan Update from Kenya

Hallo everybody,

Here’s a new update. After a good and lovely time with family and friends over Christmas it was time to start to pack my bags. On the 12th of January I flew with Dutch triathlon to Kenya. The flight was from Amsterdam to Nairobi to Eldoret, where we got pickeKenia 1d up by one of the drives from Lornah’s training centre.

In Iten has Lornah Kiplegat set up a high altitude training centre http://www.lornah.com/ This centre is on 2.400 meters altitude and is not only for runners.
There is a 25 meter pool and a lotIMG_0328 of dirt tracks to ride and run on.

It is such a different World compared to our western world. To be honest, they don’t have much but at least they are happy. People run around everywhere and 2km walking is a small distance. They enjoy playing with an old tire from a motorcycle and giggle away when we white people come past.

I need to be honest to you all as well. My start here was far away from ideal.
On our first bike training I came down and to be honest, not very soft.
My leftside was complete bruised, but I still manage well. I had to make an X-ray of my shoulder because I wasn’t sure about it. But it was okay. Only bruised, so after a few days of no swimming I will be fine.

The people I can tell they are awesome. They are so hospitable. I have been in a lot of counIMG_0325try’s and met a lot of different people but these people are quite special.
There is a lot of going on in the world between different religions and the black-white-situation, but I feel safe and well here.

When we go out for a bike or run the small kids run partly with us. They yell all the time ‘how are you?’ Or ‘what’s your name?’ A specially the kids not older than 2 years are very cute.

For the rest you have to clean your bike every day. The dust and red dirt is everywhere.
I am happy to jump sometimes in to the pool. Even if you hop in the shower you sometimes don’t have the feeling that you are clean.

The food is very good. All from the farm next to the complex. Biological and fresh. The only thing I can say it is … very yum yum!

Take care with the snow and ice in Europe.
Keep you up to date!

Cheers Maaike.

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