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04 apr Auckland New Zealand

Hi everyone,

Well where shall I start…
After Abu Dhabi I arrived in Christchurch New Zealand but I didn’t arrive alone. I arrived with a cold.
My race in Abu Dhabi was okay. My swimming has definitely improved but for some reason I couldn’t show it. It might be because of the fight in the water as well (I had blue spots in my hips from nails). But it had perspective for the next upcoming races. In Christchurch was my old coach and friend waiting for me and it was nice to see my mate again.
At the beginning I took it a bit easier and step by step I felt better. I had a big jaw and we didn’t know where that came from, but my blood and the ultrasound didn’t show anything. The training was going well and I was looking forward to Auckland, but the week before I felt worse and worse.
On such a point you partly ignore those feelings. You’re going to race and want to feel good and fit. I had a chat with John about this and how I felt , but it didn’t look to bad.
Sometimes before a race you feel not so well. Because the fatigue from the training comes out with the tapering and you are a bit nervous and stressed as well.
It was race day and it was time to let the guns out. I picked my start position on the pontoon and took a big breath. Here we go!
My first lap was average, not what I was showing in the pool. In the second lap my thoughts where: ‘stay with this group’. So I did. When I came out of the water I was partly disappointed but I knew the race was not over yet. I sticked with the group. I tried to dance up the hills but honestly I felt pretty tired. I spook to myself ‘That are the hills, they make you tired, everybody is in pain on those hills’. In the 3th lap Anne Haug led the group trough transition but by the corner on the end her rear wheel slides away and I saw myself going down as well because I couldn’t go around her anymore. I jumped on my bike but couldn’t paddle because my chain had dropped. I tried to get back on as quick as possible but lost the group.
For 1,5 lap I had been biking with the same distance between the group and me, but then the gap became bigger and bigger. My legs felt tired and tired. The bike course was nearly ended and I was hoping for to be able to start the run and not to get lapped out. Lucky I was able to pdel_0761__mediumut my running shoes on. The run pace was not high anymore… because of the biking and the crash either. I came down on my tailbone and that was hurting. The only thing what was going true my mind was:’ The finish line! Go to the finish line!’ So I did. I finished! But don’t ask me how or what. The day after I felt sick. I came back to Christchurch and visited the doctor. The signs of sinusitis where there. I am on antibiotics and keep my fingers crossed for the next race in a week time at the Gold Coast.

Cheers Maaike

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